Flexible joints

Flexibel rörkoppling vinkel o S gul o naken

The flexible joints is an option when fixed parts don´t fit. For example when there is lack of room or something that is in the way. The flexible joints are so flexible that you can, with the strength of your hand, bend them up to 360° depending on dimension and length. It is possible to bend the joints a couple of times before they break.They also work as shock absorbers and for antivibration.

There are flexible joints from dimension DN 10 up to DN 50. The length is adjustable, by stretching or compressing. Pressure range that can be used varies between 2.5 to 12 bar depending on dimension and whether it is extended or compressed.

The flexible joints can be used for water, steam, alkalis and weak acids and also oils, The flexible joints can handle up to 650°C.

Brochure Flexible coupling